Exchange Volume Charts

cryptocurrency exchange volume chart

Trading volume charts are now available on individual exchange pages 📉 Go explore an exchange like Kraken or Phemex to see how volume fluctuates over various time ranges.

Dark Mode 🌓

cryptocurrency dark mode

Late-night alt-season straining your eyes? officially supports dark mode now 😎 We’ve improved our global filter to ensure that dark mode is always accessible on mobile and desktop. And we’ve even prioritized the settings of operating systems to ensure that they always take precedent.

We hope you enjoy this update! It was by far one of our most popular feature requests. Hit us up on Twitter @nomicsfinance to let us know what you think.

Asset Price Updates Via Email

cryptocurrency price updates

You can now get updates on your favorite assets via email 🎉 Content will be delivered fresh, daily… and tailored to your exact interests with price movements and top news stories. When you sign up, you'll even be able to add more assets and specify your newsletter's delivery time and timezone.

Take it for a spin on an asset page like Bitcoin or Tezos. Exchange Type Filters

The Exchanges List can now be filtered by supported market types (Spot, Derivative or All)

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 2.34.24 PM.png exchange news

Exchange pages now include a news section that shows recent news related to the exchange. For example: bug fixes and improvements

  • Updated tooltip styling and positioning across the site
  • Fixed issue where a user-selected quote currency would cause formatting errors in some browsers
  • Trade delta information box on the exchanges index page now only shows exchanges that are A or A+
  • Fixed issue with sparkline data causing some dashboard pages to occasionally not show

Inactive Exchanges on

Exchanges on the Exchanges Page are now grouped by "active" and "inactive". Active exchanges are exchanges that we have priceable data according to our Pricing Methodology in the past 24 hours. Inactive exchanges do not have priceable data for for the past 24 hours.

Exchange Markets Quote Dominance

The methodology of how quote dominance for exchange markets on has changed from the percentage of markets using the specified quote to the percentage of volume per quote. This update is reflected for all quote dominance highlights on individual exchange pages.

Updated Exchange Pages

cryptocurrency exchange website

We just shipped improved exchange pages to 🙌 Some quick highlights include:

  • Improved mobile browsing experience
  • Quickly displaying top markets and recent historical data
  • Showing similar exchanges by volume
  • Cleaner layout with clearer visual hierarchy

There are more updates coming soon for these pages so keep your eyes peeled 👀

Not Priced Assets on no longer shows an "Inactive" label for currencies with prices that may not be recent based on our current Pricing Methodology. For the time being, these assets will be grouped under "Not Priced" instead.