Nomics updates
Nomics updates

Filter Tokens by 100+ Blockchains




more blockchain filters

Starting today, you can filter top tokens on our homepage by 100+ blockchains 🤯 We’ve expanded our list of available chains from 19 to 112 (to be exact).

Besides popular blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, or Avalanche you can dive into less prominent ones like HECO Chain, Dogechain, Cardano, Cosmos, Near, and more.

Did we happen to miss one of your favorite chains? Email us at or tweet us @NomicsFinance.

Category Filters




crypto category filters

Categories are here 🎉 Not only can you browse lists of top stablecoins, privacy coins, metaverse coins, and more—you can actually combine categories with blockchain filters to view lists like the Top Meme Coins on Binance Smart Chain or the Top Sports Coins on Chiliz.

This is an ongoing effort so we’d love to hear what categories you want to be added next or if your favorite asset is missing from a list. As always, you can tag us on Twitter with feedback.

Expanding Price Predictions




cryptocurrency price predictions

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our price prediction coverage—from a few hundred cryptoassets to more than 12,000! 🤯 We’ll now be generating price predictions for any active asset that has three+ weeks of trading history.

During this effort, we also improved our machine-learning models, making predictions more accurate—reducing the average error rate from 18% to 13%. 🎯

Since we launched price predictions over two years ago, we’ve had daily requests to support more assets. So we hope you’re as excited about this release as we are!

Head on over to and paginate to your heart's content. And let us know what you think on Twitter.

Dedicated Price Prediction Pages




Assets with price predictions now have an entire page/tab dedicated to this data, making it easier to explore upcoming and historical predictions. For an example, visit Ethereum's Price Predictions.

ROI Calculator




crypto roi calculator

Have you ever wanted to:

• Brag about your diamond hands? 💎

• Feel the pain of a fumbled bag? 💀

• FUD a project that’s down bad? 👀

Our new ROI calculator tool has you covered.

Visit any asset page (like Bitcoin) and click on the “ROI calculator” button near the price chart. From there, simply change the investment amount and start date to generate an interactive chart with historical data and key stats. You can even share your results on social media with our dynamic image generator.

Now go forth and brag (or troll) away… and tag us on Twitter when you do 😉

Watchlist & Portfolio Tracker




crypto watchlist

Struggling to keep track of your favorite crypto on Nomics? Honestly, we have been too… Thankfully, that changes today with our release of Watchlists 🎉 Now you can easily track price and data movements for the crypto you care about—all in one convenient spot.

In addition, we’ve also added a lightweight portfolio tracker 💼 This way, you don’t have to manually add transactions just to get the current value of crypto you own. Simply update the quantity of your holdings and you’ll be off to the races. We’ll provide an overview of your portfolio value, % change over time, allocation percentages, fiat calculations, and more. And you’ll even be able to modify and view on the go from your phone.

We have a lot more in store for Watchlists but would love your input! Please reach out on Twitter with any feedback or ideas you have.

Top Tokens by Blockchain




tokens ranked by blockchain

We’re excited to release our first categorized rankings—top tokens by blockchain 🎉

Want to see the top tokens exclusively on Ethereum? Or track the newest tokens on Binance Smart Chain? From Avalanche to Zilliqa, we have 19 different blockchains available (and with more to come).

As always, let us know on Twitter if you have any feedback.

PS ~ Do you represent a token project? Would you like your market cap and rank updated? Please fill out this form so we can get accurate supply data.

Search Filtering & Markets




crypto market search results

Our search dropdown has been rebuilt to expose individual markets and allow for filtering between result types. You can now quickly track down one specific market out of a MILLION+ in our database 🤯

We've also improved our search experience on mobile + have added more data to market pair pages with unverified data.

We hope you enjoy this update! Reach out on Twitter with any feedback.

Exchange Impact Scores

impact scores UI screenshot [New]

We’ve added a new default sort to our exchange index pages and asset market tables. Impact scores (found on exchange indexes) represent an exchange's influence on the price of assets it trades. Impact scores come from a combination of web traffic, volume, and other factors.

On market tables for individual assets, price impact shows an individual market's contribution to the price of that asset based on volume of the market, the reputation of the exchange, and the time at which the market last updated. You can think of it simply as "how much does this market affect the price of the asset?”

As always, please reach out on Twitter if you have any feedback.

Custom Time Range Control on Charts





After releasing our new asset page a couple of weeks ago, we found TradingView's implementation of time ranges to be buggy and difficult to use. We've decided to roll our own solution to increase visibility and usability.

Please reach out on Twitter if you have any feedback :)