Nomics updates
Nomics updates

Custom Time Range Control on Charts





After releasing our new asset page a couple of weeks ago, we found TradingView's implementation of time ranges to be buggy and difficult to use. We've decided to roll our own solution to increase visibility and usability.

Please reach out on Twitter if you have any feedback :)

Updated Asset Page (Redesigned UI)





new cryptocurrency page

We just released our redesigned asset pages 🎉 Our goal was to display the info you wanted, faster and higher up on the page—practically eliminating your need to scroll down (even on mobile). Website and community links have been added right after our initial quick stats, along with a brief description and currency converter. Asset headers now include a chart preview to instantly give you a visualization of an asset’s performance regardless of the tab you’re on.

Additional changes include:

  • TradingView charts!
  • Adding a price change comparison table (to help you quickly gauge historical performance)
  • Wider page width
  • Sticky header on scroll
  • Higher contrast dark mode
  • New font

We hope you find these updates helpful! Let us know what you think on Twitter.

Contract Addresses





We've added contract addresses to our asset pages to help you better identify and verify a token you're interested in. We'll be supporting more chains and explorers over time so give us a shout on Twitter with requests or feedback.

PS ~ Please verify an address w/ multiple resources & DYOR

Aggregated Order Books & Depth Charts





crypto aggregated order book

Exchange market pair pages now include aggregated order books! Explore depth chart aggregations for market orders up to a -10%/+10% depth and tabular data at a -2%/+2% depth (when available). We’ve also added a trade history preview showing the 20 most recent trades.

Want to see more? Get access to over 35 billion trades and more granular order book data by signing up for our API.

Very small currency values on


Improvement now shows values of currencies with a precision of up to 18 decimal places.

Exchange Market Pair Pages





exchange market pair pages

Exchange market pair pages are LIVE! Now you can view charts & data for a specific market on any given exchange 🎉 Want to see BTC/USD on Coinbase? CAKE/USDT on Binance? HEX/ETH on Uniswap V3? Just click on "view chart" or a market id in any markets table on to explore almost 300,00 markets 🤯

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for even more data granularity & features 👀 And as always, let us know what you think on Twitter.

exchange market table screenshot bug fixes





  • Fixed exchange and currency market volume totals to include only aggregated markets when calculating percentages. Statistics areas will now show accurate percentages for Exchange Volume, Fiat Volume, Quote dominance, etc based only on aggregated market volume.
  • Fixed wrong dates in candlestick charts bug fixes





  • Fixed candle chart conversions when quoted in something other than USD
  • Some updates to fix NaN values on market pages with no quote values
  • Fixed vol. % calculations on currency and exchange market tables when there are a low number of markets
  • Fixed pagination for inactive exchanges markets now broken up by type





Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 11.49.39 AM.png

The markets pages for currencies (e.g. and exchanges (e.g. are now grouped by "Active", "Inactive", "Dead" and "Unmapped" to better distinguish between actively traded vs. inactive or unknown markets. Bug Fixes and Improvements





  • Fixed currency conversion for charts quoted in currencies other than USD
  • Optimized loading currency price and exchange volume charts
  • Improved loading time for dashboard on mobile devices