Poloniex order books now available

Poloniex order books are now available via the Nomics API for users of our paid API plan:


Fix: Poloniex Gaps Filled

We've completed backfilling gaps in our Poloniex data in both trades and candles.

Nomics.com Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Performance improvements on individual Currency and Exchange pages
  • Fix for incorrect exchange volume and trade percentages
  • Reduced size of remote embed code
  • Updated call to action for Exchanges
  • Site-wide size reduction of delivered front end code

Cryptocurrency Market Caps, Prices, and Charts added for the following:

  • $BTT
  • $KAYA

Fixed a Performance Issue with the Dashboard Endpoint

The /dashboard API endpoint was taking multiple seconds to respond. We optimized the endpoint and now it is back to milliseconds.

New Status Page

Nomics.com (the website) and the Nomics Crypto Market Data API now have a status page where you can monitor incidents, uptime, etc.

See http://status.nomics.com/

Nomics.com Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Page load speed improvements on Dashboard and Exchanges pages
  • Fix scrolling issue on mobile devices
  • Fix sitemap canonical URL
  • Update Coinbase Pro logo

Cryptocurrency Market Caps, Prices, and Charts added for the following:

  • $NPLC
  • $EURT
  • $ONL
  • $VLD
  • $WLO
  • $TMTG
  • $ETN
  • $MRS

Improved API Page

We made substantial improvements to our API page this week. Some highlights include:

  • Creating a "contact sales" form to streamline inquiries and reduce friction
  • Introducing a positioning statement to reinforce our company vision & benefit to customers
  • Designing new supporting imagery and iconography
  • Adding logos for some of our investors and clients
  • Sharing two more fantastic testimonials
  • Improving calls-to-action throughout the page

Check it out: https://p.nomics.com/cryptocurrency-bitcoin-api

Corrected ZEC total supply

ZEC total supply was missing and has been corrected to 21m.


No published changelogs yet.

Surely Nomics will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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