bug fixes and improvements

  • Added "Not Priced" assets category on dashboard with corresponding asset pages
  • Minimized the amount of text for "Updated" column in markets views
  • Fixed various error page styles
  • Addressed some overlapping text issues

Supply History Now Available for 5697 Cryptocurrencies via the Nomics API

The Supply History Endpoint of the Nomics API provides access to historical daily supply data for more than 5600 currencies. See our pricing page for details about how to get access to this data.

Binance Futures (@binance) Added to Nomics API & with A-Level Transparency Rating

Binance Futures data is now available via the Nomics API and

At the time of addition, Binance Futures has a Nomics Transparency Rating of A, which indicates full transparency. Exchanges with a A-level Transparency Rating provide trade-level data with full history.

Farhad Market now available with A+ Integration

Farhad Market has completed an A+ integration and is now available on

Supply and Market Cap Data Added for 2818 Currencies on

The website now contains supply and market cap data for 2818 additional currencies. This data is also available to users of the Nomics API via the Currencies Ticker Endpoint. bug fixes

  • Fixed the native volume (the second volume number) on the dashboard for each row to use the correct currency units
  • Adjusted column display on the dashboard for different responsive widths to accommodate very large or very small numbers (e.g. prices quoted in BTC)

Unmapped Markets for Exchanges

Exchange markets pages now include an "Unmapped" section that shows all markets that we have data for, but are unmapped for one of a few reasons. These markets may be unmapped because they contain a currency that we don't list yet (or we identify as something else) or because we haven't quite lined up the data. Since these currencies are unknown at this point, the exact units for prices is indicated with ???. bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect prices shown on markets pages where a fiat currency is in the pair and the quote currency is not USD
  • Fixed price chart update issues when switching currencies on markets pages
  • Fixed sorting by volume against very large numbers on the dashboard
  • Fixed page titles and canonical urls for markets pages

Improved Currency Page Layout

bitcoin price layout update Have you ever found yourself constantly scrolling down a currency page just to get to important content like charts, markets, reviews, and more? Well, those days are long gone! We've consolidated our content and elevated tabs right to the top of the page 🙌 Take a cryptoasset like Ethereum for a spin and let us know what you think.

P.S. ~ We'll be shipping similar changes to our exchange and market pair pages in the near future, so stay tuned! 📺

Derivative Support on

cryptocurrency derivative support now supports derivatives! We've shipped a host of updates this past week to help you explore these markets across our individual currency, market pair, and exchange pages. You can now:

  • Distinguish markets based on their Type and Market ID, which is useful for markets that share the same exchange, base, and quote
  • See what markets we exclude from aggregate price or volume calculations (annotated by asterisks & footnotes)
  • Identify which markets aren't counted in aggregated price calculations due to falling outside the past 24 hours (which are styled with grayed-out content and an info tooltip)

Dive in and let us know what you think!

P.S. ~ More market types (and subtypes) are coming down the pipe so keep your eyes peeled 👀