Updated Info and Ticker Specifications for Exchange Integrations

The Info Specification now requires website, logo, location, and a longer description.

The Ticker Specification has been relaxed to only require close (current) price, volume, and timestamp.

101 Exchanges Added to Nomics API & Nomics.com

You can now find 101 new exchanges added to the Nomics API & Nomics.com crypto exchanges list with D-Level and Uncategorized Transparency Ratings:

*Exchanges with an Uncategorized Transparency Rating have yet to be evaluated for Nomics' grading system.

Nomics API Endpoint Deprecations

The following endpoints have been deprecated. They will not be removed from the API and will continue to function normally. They will not be carried forward to the next version of the API.

  1. Prices
  2. Dashboard
  3. Currencies Interval
  4. All Time Highs

Instead, please use the new Currency Ticker endpoint.

Currency Ticker API Improvements

The Currency Ticker endpoint has received the following improvements and changes:

  1. Added ids parameter to filter currencies
  2. Added convert parameter to convert currencies. Supports fiat and crypto. Deprecates quote-currency parameter.
  3. Added id field to represent the Nomics unique ID. Deprecated currency field.
  4. Added symbol field to indicate the display symbol for the asset. This should be used for displaying to users, because it can contain duplicates. The id field should be used with the API because it is unique.

Nomics.com improvements and bug fixes

  • Update logic for determining if a currency is "stale"
  • Add stale indicators for currencies on the dashboard
  • Fix some loading issues with info boxes on dashboard
  • Fix overlapping issue with top announcement banner
  • Fix some routing issues with markets links
  • Improve performance of currency pickers

Currency Ticker and Nomics.com improvements and fixes

  • All Time High data in the currency ticker has been changed to use the highest close price from aggregated candles.
  • Assets are no longer dropping off Nomics.com in year view if they did not exist a year ago.

Nomics.com improvements and bug fixes

  • Currency picker for quote currency selection now shows top 4 global fiat at the top for easy fiat selection
  • Add exchanges information article to exchanges index page
  • Update charts date formatting on Year and YTD modes
  • Fix some currency name and routing issues with markets pages
  • Fix for markets lists not showing for certain currency pairs

Bit-Z Added to Nomics API & Nomics.com with C-Level Transparency Rating

Bit-Z data is now available via the Nomics API and Nomics.com:


At the time of addition, Bit-Z has a Nomics Transparency Rating of C, which indicates a fair level of transparency. Exchanges with a C-level Transparency Rating provide recent candle data but no trade data.

Historic Order Book Access is now available in the Nomics API

You can now access historic order book snapshots via the API: https://docs.nomics.com/#operation/getOrderBookSnapshot

Nomics API Currencies Endpoint updated with additional metadata

The Nomics API /currencies endpoint has been updated to return additional metadata about currencies including name, social media URLs, and logos.

See the Currencies API Documentation for usage details and a full list of additional attributes.

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